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Point-of-care solutions available from Abbott include:

Afinion™2 Analyzer

With four tests on one platform, the AfinionTM 2 Analyzer provides fast and highly accurate point-of-care test results for Lipid Panel (including values for cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL), HbA1c, ACR (Albumin/Creatinine ratio) and CRP (C-reactive Protein). 

Each AfinionTM test cartridge includes an integrated sampling device, making it quick and easy to collect fingerstick or urine samples, with quantitative testresults available in minutes.

Multiple peer reviewed journal papers show the proven analytical performance of the AfinionTM Analyzer and all four AfinionTM tests. Email to request more information.

Click here to learn more about the Afinion 2 Analyzer and all four Afinion tests. View the comprehensive library of demonstration videos here.

The AfinionTM 2 Analyzer, AfinionTM Tests and/or AfinionTM Controls can only be purchased by healthcare professionals. 



ID NOWTM is a rapid, instrument-based, molecular system for the qualitative detection of infectious diseases. The ID NOW isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology provides molecular results in just minutes, enabling effective clinical decisions sooner.

The ID NOW provides fast and reliable molecular testing for COVID-19, Influenza A&B, RSV or Strep A with positive test results available in as few as 2 minutes (depending on the assay) and negative test results in 13 minutes or less.

The ID NOW is simple to operate with a visual touch screen offering step-by-step guidance. Being portable with a small footprint, the ID NOW is ideal for use at the point-of-care in a variety of healthcare settings, facilitating immediate clinical decisions and preventing loss to follow-up.

Multiple peer reviewed journal articles show the proven performance of the ID NOW system. Email to request more information.

Click here to learn more about ID NOW and ID NOW tests.

The ID NOWTM and ID NOWTM tests can only be purchased by healthcare professionals.

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